When the Hotel Westward Ho opened its doors in 1928, it instantly became a Phoenix landmark.  As the city's first high-rise resort, it symbolized all things lavish, swank, deluxe.  Well-heeled locals and Hollywood stars roamed its hallways and ballrooms.  Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Al Capone and Martin Luther King were among the famous and infamous on the guest list. 

The Glory days of the Westward Ho didn't last forever.  By the 1970's the hotel had fallen into neglect. The property was purchased by a group of investors and eventually converted into a federally subsidized housing project. 

Today the Westward Ho is a home for disabled adults, and low-income seniors, a group whose storied lives rival that of the hotel itself.  These residents may be less famous than their predecessors, but they're no less colorful. Full of character, rich in history, rife with personality, all true of the Westward Ho and those who call it home.